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Love Harmonee Georgia Ingram

Created by Laverne Baxter

June 22, 2019

Help me save lives

On June 22, 2018 my 10 year old  daughter Love and I were on the way home from saying our goodbyes to our best friends that were moving to Arizona. We were the third car in line at the green light waiting to turn to go home and less then 2miles from our home. The first car turned everything was fine then the second car turned and everything was still fine; but when our turn came to make the turn at the green light out of nowhere a drunk driver came speeding through his RED LIGHT, didn’t even to attempt to hit the breaks and was well over the drinking limit after coming from the bar who over served him, down the street and drove straight into our car. This man was driving a Chevy Tahoe and we were in a Kia Optima. When he hit us he only hit us on the my daughter’s side of the car. The impact was so hard it sounded like an explosion and it knocked me out; but the worse part was when I regained consciousness my 10 year old daughter who I was just talking to, who just finished fourth grade and was my whole world and only child was dead. This man took the most important thing/person in my life. That day he killed my soul. I never felt so empty and lost. My Lovey was everything to me. Everything I did she was the reason why. She was kind, sweet, funny, intelligent, gorgeous, talented, and very caring. She put others before herself, she motivated others. She loved to sing, dance, and played sports. Participated in everything at school and church a brung home all A report cards. She was excited about life and always smiling and making other smile. Her soul and heart was special I always said that she was in a place in life that most of us adults were still trying to get to. She was happy with herself and with life. She kept a smile on her beautiful face.  But on June 22nd 2018 that man took all that away from her. She will never have a chance to experience life. She’ll never graduate, go to prom, go to college, have a boyfriend, experience her first kiss, everything that comes with growing up he snatched away from her. Every morning when I wake up I have to relive my daughter’s death over and over it’s like dream but my tears that I can’t stop are very real.. the PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, and severe depression that I now suffer from are all real too now.  All I want is my daughter back. I have to find reasons to keep going and my main reason right now is to get justice for my babygirl. The man is in jail but we are still waiting for him to be convicted. Why did you have to take my baby away from me?

If you are a victim of drunk and drugged driving and would like to talk to a MADD Victim Advocate please call our 24-Hour Victim Helpline 1-877-MADD-HELP.  Learn more at