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In Memory of Deana Eckman

Created by Jenna Thiel

Help me save lives

Deana Eckman was the most loving, beautiful, sweet and caring person. On February 16th 2019 her life was taken by a drunk driver. Deana and her husband Chris were on their way home from a family party when without warning a speeding, reckless and intoxicated driver crossed double lines head-on into their car, killing our beloved Deana. She was five minutes away from walking in their front door with Chris to receive kisses from her dog Chooch who she loved so much.  Because a monster with 5 previous DUIs decided to drive drunk, those kisses will never happen and Deana’s family and friends lives will never be the same. 

As most of us know Deana would do anything for anybody. She always put her family and friends before herself and cared so much about everyone she loved. Deana’s family is working to help get the word out about drunk driving and to help victims. 

Please consider donating to Mothers Against Drunk Driving PA in Memory of Deana Eckman to help stop another family from going through what my family is going through. Any contribution or a simple share to your social media page to spread awareness on the dangers of drunk driving would be greatly appreciated.